New Years Eve @HandMadeFood

Hand Made Food is our go-to cafe on the weekends. A community traiteur situated in the heart of Blackheath Village, South London. Their ethos is make it local, free range, seasonal and of course delicious. I have to say, they never miss the brief. It’s not just their menus that are innovative, it’s the fact that they seem to have the whole package. Their website states “Our team is what makes us” and I cannot agree more.

On arrival we were warmly welcomed Mano and all the team, before we knew it they had taken our coats in exchange for a champagne cocktail and crab filo canapé. A fair trade in my opinion! We were given the pleasure of mingling with other hungry locals whilst occasionally being offered bite size Turkish flatbread with home made hummus, smoked salmon on rye or a home made mini samosa. Before long our names were ticked of their ever so rustic clipboard and we were ushered upstairs for the main event.
Time to divulge in a delectable six course meal.

The menu was as follows:

Course 1: Sourdough with whey butter

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to take a snap of this one. Two thick slices of Sourdough with a generous helping of whey butter.

Course 2: Wild Mushroom Ragu, Sourdough crouton, poached quail egg.

A handmade food twist on ragu. The mushrooms were meaty, the sauce was silky and the crouton was a crunchy platform to soak up all the flavour. What you can’t see hiding underneath is the perfectly poached quails egg. All the flavours combined was a taste sensation.

Course 3: Cauliflower Soup, white truffle oil and snipped chives

White truffle has more of a garlic tone compared to the intense earthy flavour of black truffle. It was a perfect addition to the soup it really gave life to the dish and added a new depth of flavour.

Course 4: Seared halibut, Swiss chard, white onion purée and a pea purée

The halibut flaked apart with just the touch of a fork. The chard had a beautiful texture and added an earthy element to the dish. The onion purée was sweet and very more-ish I could have eaten it on its own.

Course 5:Slow roast fillet of beef with turnip dauphinois, cavolo Nero  and baby jus

Often beef as rare as pictured below is chewy and difficult to cut. That was not the case with this dish. I didn’t even require a knife. It was so tender, warm all the way through and packed full of flavour.

Course 6: Chocolate delice with Coffee mousse and a baked hazelnut biscotti.

Well what can I say. At this point I was full to the brim but as my mother always says, your body has a separate stomach where it stores the pudding. Besides serve me chocolate anything and I will be happy. This was absolutely devine. The perfect sharp balance of cocoa made for a rich chocolate delight, it was cool and creamy. The biscotti was a nice addition although personally I alway see biscotti as a dunking biscuit. The coffe mousse was light, frothy and wonderfully balanced.

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

Cocktail & Canapés on arrival:

The cocktail was a Negroni Sparkler

Reduced organce juice, orange zest and marmalade cooked down into a syrup. This was then combined 50/50 with Amer Picon, a campari-like Italian bitter aperitif. This was mixed with Cantina Bernardi – a natural prosecco which makes the finished drink. Delicious.

There was a selection of canapés circulating the room:

-Home made hummus with Turkish flat breads

– Crab with lime and smoked paprika mayo in filo pastry

– Chopped smoked salmon with soft fresh herbs on rye

– Spinach and potato samosas

I have posted about Hand Made Food a number of times since I launched my Instagram page, i am drawn in by their innovative ideas, weekly changing menu and outstanding customer service. They go above and beyond everyday to make hand made, delicious, fine food and ensure you feel welcome upon every visit. They are extremely passionate and this is represented by every plate of food they serve. If you ever find yourself in the depths of South London, you should certainly take a visit.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review of NYE.

Until then, happy eating!

emma_foods x

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