My Christmas Cake 2016

Here it goes, my first post! I think i will start with one of my proudest baking moments of last year, 2016. Usually i post pictures of other peoples masterpieces however as my foodie portfolio grows, i have found myself wanting to roll my sleeves up and have a go for myself. Although i confess i may have cheated slightly with step 1…

Step 1 – Get your wonderful mother to bake a Christmas cake and feed it brandy for over three months

Naked Christmas Cake

Step 2 – Marzipan. I come from a family of greedy sweet tooths. As a result one thin layer of marzipan simply will not do

Ready for layer one

This year I traditionally covered the whole cake with one layer of marzipan however I then brushed the top with a second layer of apricot spread. I then cut a second large marzipan disc, enough to cover the top of the cake again. I then molded that to the original first layer. Resulting in a top heavy marzipan cake. #Delicious

Be generous with your marzipan.

Step 3 – Leave your cake for at least a week ensuring to brush with I vodka to kill any bacteria

Step 4- Cover with white icing. Your cake now has its very own festive blanket of snow

Step 6 – Decorate how you please, I made a simple bow with two strips of icing. One thick band of icing folded over rolled kitchen paper to hold shape.

Step 7 – Cut out (what feels like) hundreds of leaves, freehand if you have the time.

Time to dig out your festive cutters

Step 8 – The holly Halo


Step 9 – Get carried away and cover the entire cake with leaves


Step 10 – Brush off excess icing sugar and add the red band that you should have added  as step six

Ta-da! A cake to be proud of!

Very proud indeed 😊

Happy Baking,

emma_foods x


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